- "ready to use" statistics for international comparisons   Mt Mercy Academy - The School's Website
CIA World Factbook - Information, Statistics, and Capsule Descriptions of all Countries   History News Network - A great site where professional historians put current events in context
Spartacus Educational - Good Summaries and Primary Sources for American and European History - A great site for American film history; Many list and historical context of Academy Awards
Internet History Sourcebooks Project -- Many full text historical documents for various world regions and topics   Internet Movie Database - The most comprehensive guide to movies and film information
Sheppard Software Geography Games -- Various Geography Quizzes with stepped Difficulty Levels   Regents Review - Oswego School District's Regents Review Site
Ashoka's Edicts -- Full Text of Mauryan Dynasty ruler Ashoka -  A compendium of several dictionaries available online
HistoryTeacher.Net -- The formatting on this page could be improved, but there is no better site for links to EVERYTHING    
George Orwell's Library -- Full Text of all of George Orwell's books and essays    
G.K. Chesterson's Works -  Chesterton's Works available for download    
Web Gallery of Art -- Comprehensive Collection of 12th to 19th Century Western Art    
Hiroshige Prints -- Comprehensive Collection of Japanese Ukiyoe by Ando Hiroshige    
Best of History Web Sites -- Index and Ranking of websites on various historical topics    
Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century - Not sure I agree with the politics and priorities of the creator, but many fascinating home-made thematic maps on 20th Century topics